6 months later, relatives of Sosma detainees clueless over arrests

More than 40 people from three families gathered at Kajang Prison today to demand answers as to why their loved ones have been detained under the Special Measures Act 2012 (Sosma) for the past six months. go.

Abe Rameshwary, 42, said police arrested her husband and four cousins ​​on June 23, but so far they don’t know why. He said that they went to the prison to find out what their family members were being accused of.

We are here to find out if their trial will be postponed or if they will be given a trial date, and on what charges,” Abe said. Tan Eng Huat said his brother has been detained since June 23, but he has not received any details from the police or local authorities.

He said he and his family found out that the police had arrested his brother through social media 28 days later. “The police did not tell us that he has been taken to court. Until now, we have no answer,” he said. Malar, 36, whose husband was also arrested, urged the government to repeal Sosma, describing it as an unjust law. Although the order was issued to fight terrorism, she maintained that her husband was not a terrorist. “I am calling on the government, please release all our family members. If they have done something wrong, prosecute them under the Penal Code.” Shalvin Kanvinchelvan, a lawyer for one of the arrested, said his client was given trial dates in July, August and September 2024.

He said his client would be charged under Article 130V of the Penal Code for being a member of an organized crime group.

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