91-year-old grandma in 50-year fight to recover her land

For the past 50 years, Sandramadi Adaikan has fought to keep a piece of land in the rural areas of Raub, Pahang.

The land is only half an acre in size, but for the 91-year-old, it is worth it. The title to the land, which Sandramadi owns, was given in 1911, but the land agency seized the property 50 years ago, saying the title was worthless.

“My grandfather bought it with the money he earned working in the fields. I was given it as a love gift in 1970 by my brother who is a caretaker,” said Sandramadi.

He has been in and out of court in his fight to get the land back. “All the records are there. The case is now in court and I will finally accept the case,” He told FMT Sandramadi, who has 11 children, 20 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren, said he would sold more land to pay for the law and his efforts. to recover the property where all his children were born. Represented by Judge R Kengadharan, he took it to the Temerloh High Court but lost. In February of this year, the Court of Appeal unanimously ruled that my claim had merit and sent it back to the Supreme Court for reconsideration. I am praying a lot but I will leave it to the court to decide,” he said. He said that his new hearing started on December 9 and is expected to continue for two days from tomorrow (December 21), adding that he can only hope for the best. His son Maheswaran Kandasamy, 62, said that even though it is only a small piece of land, his family members consider it very influential.

“All my brothers and sisters have tried their best to talk to the local authorities for decades, but we failed. Therefore, let the court decide the future of this land,” he said.

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