EPF declares 5.35% dividend despite challenging financial markets

Despite the tough economic conditions, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) announced a dividend rate of 5.35% for term savings and 4.75% for Sharia savings for 2022.

Although it is lower than the rate reported for 2021, it is considered reasonable since the country is still in the recovery phase from the Covid-19 pandemic. For 2021, it offered 6.10% for financial security and 5.65% for Sharia security. . The total payment to donors was RM51.14 billion, including RM45.44 billion for conventional securities and RM5.7 billion for Sharia securities. As of December 31, 2022, ETH recorded a lower total investment income of RM55.33 billion compared to RM68.89 billion in 2021, due to high market volatility and price volatility in the equity and currency markets. set.

EPF Chairman Ahmad Badri Zahir said the payment will benefit more than 15 million EPF members, including members of the non-registered sector under i-Saraan, an incentive-based voluntary contribution program. “Despite the fact that it is moving forward in the global market in 2022, the investment portfolio of ETH has remained stable and continues to have a small impact,” he said in a statement.

“EPF’s diversified portfolio and good liquidity have helped mitigate risk and enabled the fund to maintain investment assets of more than RM1 trillion and deliver a respectable dividend yield for 2022.”

Badri said ETH could report positive news despite geopolitical turmoil due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict, tightening monetary policy by central banks to reduce inflationary pressures and market weakness. market. “We believe that our members’ pension funds will benefit from distribution and from our consistent performance, especially over the long term.

“Our commitment to raising the funds of our members is the driving force behind our continued success. We remain faithful to our commitment to provide a high dividend and protect the financial future of our members,” he said.

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