Rescuer injured while pulling himself out of the mud

A member of the Selangor Civil Defense Force injured his knee while helping to search for landless people here.

Erzvicly Fazikhan Zakariah was injured while trying to get out of the mud pit, a civil defense statement said. Something is discovered

Rescuers were reported to have found five foreign objects during a search at Fada Organic Farm in Gohtong Jaya.

Selangor fire and rescue manager Hafisham Mohd Noor said it was detected using ground-penetrating radar. Don’t cut off the rescue team

He said the number of lifeguards tonight was reduced for safety and to reduce ground movement. The K9 team will not be involved in the night search to give them time to rest before returning to work tomorrow,” he told reporters. The collapse at the park at 2.42am last Friday left 24 people dead and nine still missing, while 61 others survived.

Search by the river

Seven members of a special clearing team were dispatched to find the remaining nine people struggling in the river on the empty floor of the search area. Hafisham said the excavation efforts had been “unsuccessful meaning we have reached the first camp” and have not found anyone involved.

Three members of the shower team will now search for victims outside of Ground Zero in the affected area of ​​the stream. “We have already searched all the places we found, but we have not found anything,” he told reporters.

124 rescuers, 11 miners

Hulu Selangor police chief Suffian Abdullah said 124 rescuers were assigned to work with 11 diggers to find the remaining victims. The rescue operation has entered its fourth day and is expected to continue through the night following favorable weather conditions and no rain.

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