RM107.7bil ‘mini budget’ approved

The interim operating budget of RM107.7 billion was passed in the Dewan Rakyat.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, who is also the finance minister, tabled the budget for its second reading early in the morning. This is mainly to pay the salaries of government employees and other related costs to ensure that the government runs smoothly until new funds are invested.

According to the Dewan Rakyat’s soap opera, the money for the interim budget will come from the development fund as the government revises the 2023 budget approved by the previous government before the parliament was dissolved in November. Anwar will present a new budget plan in February.

The interim budget of RM107.7 billion includes RM55.9 billion for salaries of civil servants and other government-related costs. Noting the small budget earlier, Anwar said the bill was critical for ongoing development, maintenance and rehabilitation.

He announced that his government will continue with the RM150 initial school grant for all students regardless of their parents’ income, a move announced by his predecessor Ismail Sabri Yaakob in October. Ismail said earlier that about RM825 million will be allocated for this purpose.

Anwar also said that his government will continue with the RM100 increase for all civil servants between the 11th and 56th years, which will include RM1.5 billion. A small budget will also be needed to help the National Disaster Management Agency (Nadma) deal with the ongoing floods and help the victims.

The government assures that it will provide additional funds, if necessary, to ensure successful flood management.”

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